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424th District Court
Honorable Evan Stubbs
33rd District Court
Honorable J. Allan Garrett
 In accordance with the recommendations set out by the Texas Office of Court Administration, for safety of the public and Court staff due to the COVID-19 virus, all jury trial settings for the 33rd and 424th Judicial District Courts have been cancelled until further notice, and all  regular dockets will be conducted by Zoom video teleconference unless a matter is deemed "essential" by district judge or unless hearing a matter via Zoom teleconference would be impossible or impracticable.  If you have any questions, please email Lisa Bell at 33coordinator@dcourttexas.org or Jennifer Bunting at 424coordinator@dcourttexas.org.

Court personnel will be available during this time for essential court proceedings. 

Inquiries to the Court should be emailed to the Court Coordinators, Lisa Bell at 33coordinator@dcourttexas.org or Jennifer Bunting at 424coordinator@dcourttexas.org as it may become necessary for Court staff to work remotely.  

The court is receiving large volume of emails and will reply as promptly as possible. 

Any emergency orders or procedure changes will be listed here or in the below documents.
Court hearings can be viewed at the following YouTube address: